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The function and characteristic of battery - battery patrol instrument

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The function of the battery logging device is as follows:
1. Single battery monitoring with overvoltage, undervoltage and differential pressure, alarm function, accurate fault-finding battery;
2. Detection of single battery voltage, battery terminal voltage and current, battery ambient temperature;
3. Discharge measurement: record the discharge voltage, current, discharge capacity and discharge time;
4. Perfect fault alarm function;
5. Open communication protocol design, RS485 serial communication interface, support 1200BPS, 2400BPS, 4800BPS, 9600BPS baud rate (why is this?), To achieve telemetry, remote function, can be easily docked with the power automation system, To achieve automatic inspection of the battery system;
6. The system provides relay contact output for fault information;
7. According to the actual scene to set the number of inspection battery section and wiring, such as 18, when only complete BAT00 to BAT18 wiring, when more than 24 batteries, 485 communication interface to be extended through the battery inspection unit.

Features of the battery logging device are as follows:
1. Can be extended battery inspection unit to achieve single cell voltage acquisition function;
2. Flexible configuration, simple operation;
3. Each battery voltage measurement ports are used to isolate the optical lotus to ensure safe and stable operation of the system;
4. Through the monitor screen, realize the man-machine interface visualization operation;
5. Perfect alarm processing and recording function, can quickly query the current fault content;
6. Perfect remote communication function, through the RS485 interface to achieve "telemetry", "remote" and other functions.