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The daily maintenance of the battery

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Battery design and production process determines the inherent reliability of the battery, the use of battery maintenance is to ensure the reliability of the battery. In order to maintain good use of VRLA batteries, under normal use, to frequent inspection, inspection, test batteries, batteries do a good job of running records. The complete operation record includes floating charge record, discharge record, balance record, battery problem record and action record, record the float voltage of the battery every month, and record the total voltage of balanced charge in equalizing charge, Charging time, ambient temperature, etc., in order to keep abreast of the operation of the battery, be aware of. In the inspection once found VRLA batteries have physical damage, such as the shell drum package, shell cover cracks immediately replace the new battery.

(1) Try to make the battery in a fully charged state. Lead-acid battery discharge product is lead sulfate, if it is not timely charging it into lead and lead oxide, then the lead sulfate crystals to change the loss of activity, resulting in sulfate plate, reducing battery capacity to shorten battery life.

(2) the correct choice and timely adjustment of the battery float voltage. This measure is essential to prevent battery loss and thermal runaway.

(3) as far as possible to maintain the battery ambient temperature 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃. Although the battery allows the operating temperature range -15 ℃ +45 ℃, but the battery should be the best working temperature of about 25 ℃.

(4) on a regular basis (preferably about six months) on the battery for therapeutic charge and discharge, that is discharged at 20 rate to 1.80V, and then fully charged and then continue to use.