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Shenzhen letter Ruida szxrdt intelligent leakage current sensor

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Szxrdt intelligent leakage current sensor is an important part of the DC insulation monitoring system, which is installed around the positive and negative output of the DC circuit, when the device is running, real-time detection of the output signal of the branch sensor, when the branch insulation normal When the branch is grounded, the leakage current sensor has a differential current flow, the sensor output is not zero, the output current is equal to zero. Therefore, by detecting the output signal of each branch sensor, you can determine the DC system ground branch. The principle of line selection of high precision, free from line capacitance.

Szxrdt DC micro-current measurement of the power isolation sensor, measuring for the perforated structure, no insertion loss, overload, strong anti-electromagnetic interference, wide range of power to adapt to its input and output are not common ground, the input signal for the DC Micro-current, the output for the RS-485 communication interface, can be used to measure the DC system insulation leakage current, the product can be widely used in DC power supply circuit insulation monitoring.

1. Magnetic modulation principle, will be measured DC micro-current isolation into a linear proportional output of the standard DC voltage;

2. Temperature compensation circuit control, zero floating small, accurate measurement;

3. Perforation input, plug terminal, screw fastening plane installation;

4. Widely used in DC power supply system branch branch insulation on-line testing;